Karin Kurosaki

黒崎 夏梨
Karin is the cynical and sarcastic daughter of Isshin. Compared to her softspoken twin Karin is the more authoritative of the two. She is an excellent soccer player with a kick powerful enough to fight weak hollows. Karins tough exterior results from her mothers death because she could not be useful around the house like Yuzu she resolved never to cry so that she would not burden her family with her personal troubles. Karin is a sensible person and will not hesitate to kick her father in the head when she thinks hes acting unreasonable. She initially claims that she believes spirits do not exist yet can see them just as well as Ichigo can. She can also sense them from great distances which usually manifests as a headache. In spite of her attitude about spirits Karin is willing to use her abilities to earn a little cash such as her position as Karakura Red of Don Kanonjis Karakura superheroes. Karin actually knows that Ichigo is a shinigami and wants to know why hes suffering out of concern. Karin is a homonym for Japanese quince a name of a fruit which matches Ichigos name being a homonym for strawberry.