Otoya Ittoki

一十木音也, Otoyan

Age: 16 Birthday: April 11 Zodiac sign: Aries Height: 175 cm Weight: 60 kg Blood type: O Instrument: Guitar Hobbies: Football Haruka's classmate in A Class. He's a friendly and positive person who enjoys singing. He shares a room with Tokiya from Class S. In the anime, he stands up for Haruka when she was barred from taking the entrance exam due to being late. From UtaPri: Repeat:

He enters the academy partly because "singing seemed fun & interesting" but after meeting Haruka & hearing one of her songs, he falls in love with her caring, hard-working and "never-give-up" personality and starts to pursue becoming an idol seriously. He is somewhat intimidated by Ichinose since the beginning because of his "perfect singing". Also, in the game it is hinted that Saotome may be Ittoki's real father.