A powerful spiritual being who, like the Peacemakers, is actually an AI (artificial intelligence) weapon created during the Genesis Wars, Zephiris is the last remaining Dragoon in the world of Providence that is fully functioning. At the start of the series, Zephiris apparently materializes in mid-air, instructing Pacifica to tell Gloria (another Dragoon who had been chasing Pacifica around in the form of a giant frog), to sleep. Gloria later turns back into her human form before vanishing. Initially, Zephiris merely give the Cassulls vital information about assassins sent to kill Pacifica, but later, it seems as if she has a hidden agenda.

After defeating the Peacemaker Galil by merging with Shannon, she calls him her 'master'. It turns out that Zephiris is a Dragoon who fought with her old master Becknum Mauser 5000 years ago during the Genesis Wars. Calm, solemn, and quiet, Zephiris is often in a dilemma about whether to follow the plan that humans devised 5000 years ago as a last resort to free themselves from the sealed world. The plan was meant to be completed at all costs, even if many people who are, after all "foolish beings", will be killed for the greater good. Her questioning of the plan contrasts with the views of her counterpart Natalie, who even tries to brainwash Shannon with her powers.

(Source: Wikipedia)