A fellow Dragoon who knows Zefiris, and took part in the Genesis Wars but, unlike Zefiris, lost most of her powers. To survive, she inhabits an ancient battle-vehicle, the Skid, as part of her body. Her personality is also cold and unfeeling, like the Peacemakers. Natalie does not consider herself a Dragoon anymore, even though, technically, she is still a Dragoon. Once, when Zefiris remarked that her methods were too forceful; the Dragoons were in the sealed world of Providence to be the Providence Breaker's Guardians against the Peacemakers, and to help humans. Natalie replied - in a rather unconcerned manner - (I am no longer a Dragoon. But we Dragoons need not go out of our way to help those foolish humans). Hinting that the humans, were a class below them (the Peacemakers and the Dragoons). Later in the series, as Natalie is unable to fight as a Dragoon, she helps create Dragoon emulations, the Gigas who are like the Dragoons and Peacemakers, except they do not have a humanoid form. Natalie no longer considers herself a Dragoon due to her failure to protect her master. (Source: Wikipedia)