スィン, Shiizu
A Peacemaker or humanshaped weapon programmed to destroy the Scrapped Princess. She wore one of a pair of earring charms which Pacifica gave her when she was Cin/Suin/Sim which she continues to wear even after reverting back to her Peacemaker form. Later in the show possibly because of her time as Cin/Suin/Sim Cz039s mentality is affected and she begins to sympathize with the humans and later shows some reluctance to go on a mass killing spree. This seems to develop largely from her assignment to follow Shannon in case he should find Pacifica as she learns of his motivations and philosophy even while stating she doesn039t care about them. Note also in Episode 18 the two share an umbrella in a scene that mirrors Shannon/Suin039s first meeting. Cz is an artillery type cosmos guardian. She appears to look like an attractive woman with long dark hair but wears an outfit that looks rather different from the humans and is similar to what Steyr wears. Destroyed in last episode when she purposely drops her defenses taking a shot in the head from DKnight Shannon.