A young girl whom Shannon finds outside a town. She claims to have no parents and said she was waiting for somebody though she did not know who it was. She follows Shannon home. After a few strange occurrences involving her Zefiris informs Pacifica that Suin is a Peacemaker in a compressed state the human girl form and on top of that an artillery type that can cancel out the Dragoons039 presence. As if to prove this as soon as Zefiris says that Pacifica sees Zefiris disappearing just as Suin walks into the room. Suin was compressed because artillery types were powerful and dangerous so to keep them in a more stable condition Cz was compressed as Suin. Galil it turns out was supposed to pick Suin up at the bridge and release her true form but was eliminated by Zefiris before he could. Steyr went in his place to seek Suin out finding her with Pacifica and finally quotunzippingquot her compressed form causing her to revert back to Cz the Peacemaker. There was in fact some foreshadowing about Swin039s true identity. In episode 8 when Shannon said that she might be killed if she stayed with them she replied quotI don039t die.quot which is in in fact true as Peacemakers are immortal. Also she mentioned that she had no parents when Raquel inquired about it not that they did or she got lost but that she simply didn039t have parents. In addition when Pacifica tried to catch up with her in the woods Pacifica was nearly out of breath while she was not even panting. Source: Wikipedia