Senes Giat

Beast Princess
quotBeastquot Princess of the Giat Empire she is quite shorttempered due to her harsh childhood where people feared her and she and Pacifica often argued after they met. She is a warrior princess skilled with her sword and magic and manages to revive the giant floating fortress Skid used 5000 years ago in the Genesis Wars with the help of the Dragoon Natalie. Along with two followers Ruce and Drake she fights using Gigas a dragonlike being that is somewhat similar to a Dragoon but cannot take the form of a person. Source: Wikipedia During her childhood Senes was often abused by her siblings out of jealousy and fear that she would be the next ruler despite not being firstborn because she surpassed all her siblings in martial and military arts at a very young age. Senes039 mother was a commoner from what her country considered a tribe of savages which along with Senes039 natural strengths gives rise to her nickname quotThe Beast Princess of Giatquot After meeting the Casul siblings Senes often becomes irritated at them for not being able to understand the scope and technical terms of true history of the world though she becomes somewhat impressed with Shannon because he is the only one with sword skills that surpass hers. One of the main reasons for Senes039 dislike of Pacifica is that despite being an quotunwantedquot princess like her she is still loved by her brother and sister.