Prince Forsis

The Crown Prince and biological twin brother of Pacifica. Unlike his father the King, he has his people's welfare as top priority, and despises all this unnecessary bloodshed meted to take out the Scrapped Princess. For this reason - the other being his physical resemblance to his mother and Pacifica - he is constantly at conflict with the King. When Baroness Bailaha introduced Christopher Armalite to him as her adopted son, the two became close friends. Prince Forsythe was often at dilemma over the choices he might have to make between Pacifica - the younger sister he has never known - and his people.

The Mauser Cardinal asks Forsis to be an Envoy of God and think about the greater good of his people. Later, Forsis arranges a meeting with Pacifica, to finally meet his twin. After a short and awkward conversation he embraces her and apologizes, then draws his sword and stabs her in the back. He then pulls the sword free and drives it into his own chest, to atone for killing his sister by dying with her. He is revived from death when Pacifica 'destroys' Providence. A comment by Chris at the end of the last episode reveals that Forsis will soon be crowned the new King.

(Source: Wikipedia)