Kidaf Gillot

The Silencer
A bard come bounty hunter who commands a group of poisonous bugs with his instrument. His original intention was to use his bugs to poison and kill Pacifica but Raquel subdued him in order to collect the antidote from his cave. In awe of Raquels devotion Kidaf stopped going after the Scrapped Princess bounty and even agreed to help Pacifica find her siblings by sending his bugs to search for them. Much later in the series he helped Pacifica then known as Pamela to get a job in a theater as one of the costumed players. He also helps Leopold and Winia get jobs there Leo as another player and Winia as the snackssales lady. Eventually when Pacifica gets found out Kidaf advises her group on escaping the city and stays behind to inform Raquel about what is going on. Later still he helps to resist the Peacemakers. Source: Wikipedia