Bunta Ogura

Debut: Episode 8 "The Art of Altercation" Nagamitsu's mirror-holder and flunky, former student of Mariya Enshiro.

He is first seen in the opening sequence, then comes running into the restaurant to say "the real one" has been found. Haggles with the loan shark over the palanquin. Recognizes Jin with his glasses on, accuses Jin of murder, and claims the right of revenge. Outside, he calls Jin a traitor and rushes him (apparently failing to notice that Jin is exuding a level of fury rarely found outside the eye-walls of hurricanes...) only to get quickly and soundly beaten. Jin spares his life so he can report back to the other avengers, and Ogura slinks off with his tail between his legs. (In episode 16, Yukimaru says that he killed himself in shame.)