Harunobu Madarame

斑目 晴信
Age: 1923 Birthday: October 25 1982 Zodiac Sign: Scorpio Blood Type: O The second president of Genshiken Madarame is personally chosen by the first Genshiken president to be his successor though Madarame shows the most leadership and initiative even before formally appointed as president. He is a Gundam fan and arguably the most hardcore otaku out of all of Genshiken. Madarame buys djinshi without looking at price tags something that occasionally leaves him with very little spending money on basic necessities such as food his sushi of choice is bacon sushi topped with mayonnaise cheap at 50 yen a piece. Madarame takes pride in everything that he purchases. The Official Genshiken Data Books otaku quiz section calls the highest level of otaku Madarame. Madarames loud and adamant support of his own otaku lifestyle initially makes him Sakis nemesis in Genshiken but as Madarame develops a crush on Saki it heavily influences his interactions with her. However even after graduating and getting job at Sakura Pipe Repair thanks to his computer literacy i.e. experience with porn games Madarame never admits his feelings to Saki as he does not want to risk ruining their friendship. In the relaunch of the manga Madarame still drops by the Genshiken clubroom for lunch. In order to help the crossdressing Hato be able to come to the clubroom as a girl while attending classes as a male Madarame agrees to allow Hato use his apartment to change since it is very close to the school. Source: Wikipedia