Chrono Harlaown

Age : 14 26 in StrikerS Chrono is a young officer of the TimeSpace Administration Bureau and wields the S2Ua storage device in the first season and an icetype Intelligent Device named Durandal in As.His personality is usually one who looks at things from a logical approachbut he has made jokes on occasion. His mother Lindy is his commanding officer and the Admiral of the Asurawhile his father isnt mentionedrevealed in As to be deceased.Together they used thier influence within the TSAB to aid in Fates trialafterwhich he trained Fate in combat before her return in As where she became his adopted sister. In the first season Chrono displays his control over shootingtype spells when he aids Nanoha during the attack on the Garden of Timeso much so that Nanoha is speechless at his skill.As of StrikerS he has become the Admiral of his own shipthe Claudia while his mother lives on Earth next to Nanohas home after retiring. Seemingly the only thing that can catch Chrono off guard is Fates habit of calling him oniichan.