阿修羅王, King Ashura
Ashura is first introduced as the god of war and guardian of Heaven under the former Emperor who died defending his lord against Taishakuten and is revered as a hero. However it turns out at the end of the manga that he had in fact engineered Taishakuten039s rebellion himself: Knowing through Kuyoh039s prophecy and his own visions of his future son039s true nature as the quottrue Ashuraquot he nonetheless wished for his son to be born. To change destiny and prevent Ashura039s awakening he asked for Taishakuten039s help which Taishakuten promised in return for his body. Ashura married Shashi so she one of the priestesses bearing one of Ashura039s seals on her forehead would be his mother whom Ashura presumably would not wish to kill. He had Taishakuten seize the throne and rule cruelly to prevent the Six Stars from gathering. As a last safeguard should Ashura still awaken he asked Taishakuten to kill him and eat his body so he might become strong enough to kill Ashura. In Tsubasa Reservoir Chronicle Ashura is the king of the cold world of Celes. At the beginning of the manga he is sealed in a magical sleep by Fay D. Flourite who then proceeds to flee from him through different worlds. It is later revealed that he collected Fay from imprisonment from another world and brought him up. However the Ashuras039 nature in RG Veda is mirrored in Tsubasa: Ashura too has another side and regularly goes on killing sprees among his subjects. He took Fay in to draw his curse to kill everyone stronger than him upon himself and die on Fay039s hands. Source: Wikipedia