玄武のシン, Genbu no Shin
Shin has an affinity for tortoises and plays the golden harp or a harplike instrument. He received the Shield of Genbu from Zeus which is almost 3/4 his size and looks like the back of a turtle. Genbu is the Black Tortoise of the North Winter. He is very close to Kirin no Judas and is very calm and quiet. He also has the ability to manipulate time but using such power has its cons. First he needs a lot of energy and also his life is at risk. He used it once when Gai and Maya called out to him on his mind for help against the wayward guardian angeland he was unconscious for 1 whole week. His hair color changes from cyan to teal long hair tied with a white ribbon Judas gave it to him reasoning that playing the harp with a long hair must be hard wears a black qipao with long sleeves outfit and white changed to black at the second OVA short boots. In terms of his age appearance on Earth he is 21 years old and is 177 cm tall 58. Source:Wikipedia