Tsubasa Shiratori

白鳥 翼, Tori
Shiratori is a top student and selfdeclared rival of Tanaka Manabu. At the beginning of the series Shiratori is mad at Tanaka for always placing first in exams putting him in second place yet Tanaka never acknowledges him. When Shiratori finally places first Tanaka still doesnt care to know who Shiratori Tsubasa is. Tanaka explains that he never looked at who scored what place because getting a high rank isnt important to him. Shiratori is considerate and a gentleman but often offers his help in a way that comes across as a little egotistical Ex: Ill help you carry that heavy stack of papers but only because Im so nice. He has trouble expressing his true feelings and getting close to people because he doesnt want to unintentionally hurt others or be seen as a nuisance. Unfortunately Shiratori does say careless things from time to time which earns him the wrath of Reinas fists. Later in the series he falls in love with Hijiri Yoshimoto. Both are extremely shy around each other especially when alone together. Shiratori tries his desperate best to strike up conversations no matter how mundane obvious or recent the subject but Hijiri doesnt mind.