Tori Aoi

葵・トーリ, Impossible

Tori is the Head of Musashi Ariadust Academy's Supreme Federation and President of the student council. His athletics and grades are average, and he's both self and publicly recognized as an incompetent leader. However, because he doesn't know the meaning of depressed and has an incredibly cheerful attitude, he's very respected nonetheless. He knows a lot of strip jokes, and often plays the fool. (Source: ANN)

Toori made a contract with Asama Shrine shortly after Horizon's death. The contract allows him to "share everything he owns to anybody else" (with exception of sadness, which counts as a corruption of the contract and he will die as a result of this). This contract was immediately sealed afterwards, and was only reactivated more recently. When Toori gains the 1/4th governance status in Musashi as a Viceroy, he is given the authority to use 1/4th of the fuel of Divine State of Musashi. Since he can share everything he owns with everyone, he can provide an almost endless energy supply for Toori's comrades, improving their abilities to the fullest. Although he's generally accepted as a fool, Toori proves on more than one occasion that he is a cunning leader (being able to put Masazumi in a pinch in their debate duel or motivating his crew in his own special way). Behind his cheerful attitude he is broken inside and feels guilty, being the one responsible for Horizons death, even after 10 years.