Ryutaros is the fourth Imagin that gives Ryotaro his power which allows for the transformation into DenO Gun Form. His natural weapon as an Imagin is a shotgun named the Ryuvolver . Though he is the last Imagin to appear Ryutaros initially possessed Ryotaro the moment that Urataros did and simply hid himself from the others. Ryutaros reveals himself in his form when he is attracted by Naomis coffee inside the DenLiner. Ryutaros is most childish in personality with a love for drawing and animals. Ryutaros also appears to enjoy break dancing to the point to that it is incorporated into his flashy fighting style. His personality is one of a funloving dancer/disc jockey and is the most dominant DenO has. This recklessness also causes the most collateral damage as he fires his gun aimlessly. When he possesses Ryotaro he first asks Is it okay if? Ii? usually Is it okay if I beat you up? or Is it okay if I end it? followed by Your answer doesnt matter Kotae wa kiitenai. He has the ability to control people simply by snapping his fingers. This tactic works with summoning the Machine DenBird as well. Originally Ryutaros possesses Ryotaro after being promised the title of become the DenLiners conductor by Kai who also gives the Imagin a ticket on the condition that he destroys Ryotaro. However because he does not wish for Airi to cry Ryutaros decides not to destroy Ryotaro. The only individual he will listen to is Airi whom he affectionately calls sis oneechan Ryotaro only calls her the more formal sister neesan. Because he knows that Airi has loved Yuto Sakurai and from faulty advice on love from Kintaros he becomes jealous of Yuto and wishes to show that he is stronger than him. But when Kai takes matters in his own hands in killing him combined with realizing how he and Airi can not to be together Ryutaros matures a bit to cope with fading away while eventually mustering courage to fight in the final battle against Kai. He usually refers to Urataros Kintaros Sieg Teddy respectively as Turtlechan Kamechan Bearchan Kumachan Birdsan Torisan and Blue Bearchan Aoikumachan. However he excludes Momotaros as he is not based on an animal and Momotaros does not understand him like the others do. He is referred to by the others as Ryuta Ryuuta. After this initial arrival on the DenLiner he is rarely seen without a pair of headphones over his head. One of the Tarous Ryutaross basis is unclear as early promotional material stated his form to be based on the legend of Tatsu no Kotarou Taro the Dragon Boy while TV Asahis website for DenO states that his form is based on Ryotaros mental image of dragons. One of the Imagin Anime shorts discusses Ryutaross possible namesake.