Hakim Atawari

William Jones best friend who is a prince from India and acts as a foil for William. He and William both attended Eton College. Somewhat of a womanizer Hakims straightforwardness and outgoingness is a clear departure from Williams reservedness and dislike for social events. Hakim usually has his servant harem accompanying him and travels with a full complement of servants and elephants. Like William Hakim was captivated with Emma the first time he saw her. His stay in England was prolonged simply because he wanted to see how the relationship between Emma and William progressed. Once he found out that Emma was in love with William he tried to encourage their relationship into something further but he let go Emma when she said that she would go back to her hometown and made no efforts to prevent her from leaving. When William finally proposed to Eleanor Hakim finally said that he would go back home. To him there was no more excitement seeing William surrender to the pressure of the society. According to Mori Hakim was originally intended to be a pure rival to William but his role in the story changed as it progressed. Source: Wikipedia