Tsuyoshi Ohki

Tsuyoshi is Akito039s best friend. The two are an odd combination because Tsuyoshi is very cheerful honest and nice which is exactly the opposite of how everyone perceives Akito and Tsuyoshi hardly ever participates in the antics of Akito039s henchmen. However much like Akito Tsuyoshi has a tough family situation as his parents are divorcing. Instead of dealing with his problems like Akito he becomes kinder for the sake of others. Because of his ability to be strong and kind in bad situations Tsuyoshi can sense that there is good within Akito and tries to convince others of what he sees and tries to convince Sana that Akito isn039t a bad guy he039s just misunderstood. Don039t mistake Tsuyoshi for all happiness and sunshine though for if one makes a disparaging remark about his family especially his mother he produces an explosive temper that cannot be quelled.