Coud Van Giruet

クード・ヴァン・ジルエット, Cou
Coud is a member of the Red Lynx sky pirates though not very skilled or respected due to his youth. he accidentally awakens the Edel Raid Ren after a raid. Though she has a distaste for humans Cou treats her as a normal girl and fights to protect her when pursuers arrive and Ren repays him by reacting with him. He agrees to escort Ren to Eden Garden and through his company Ren039s feelings towards humans change. On his own Cou battles with a grappling hooktype weapon which he uses mostly to dodge attacks and trick enemies with though he doesn039t do very well. After reacting with Ren she replaces his right arm with a windbased sword which allows them to manipulate wind to both thrust it at enemies and create defensive barriers. His naive outlook at the Edel Raidversushumans debate makes him treat everyone equally and he sticks by Ren not for her power but because he has feelings for her. Of course he039s not very good at explaining that to her.