ウラタロス, Kame-chan
Urataros Uratarosu is the second Imagin that gives Ryotaro his power allowing transformation into DenO Rod Form. The form given to him by Ryotaro is turtlelike in appearance with his weapon being the Uratarod Urataroddo a rod with hexagonal blades at each end. Furthermore Urataros was wellaware of Ryotaro being a Singularity Point making his contract to him on purposemdashthough he says it is to evade the loneliness of being outside time Hana later debunks this entirely. When he possesses Ryotaro he usually states the words quotHey will you let me fish you?quot Omae boku ni tsuraretemiru??. He is also aware of the evil Imagin planning to destroy time but simply does not want to commit it as in spite of his cool exterior there039s indication that he039s somewhat of a coward and lies just for self preservation. Urataros is a casanova with a very convincing personality owning the ability to convince almost anyone by speaking to them with Ryotaro the only one who trusts him and lets him stay as he sees he has a good heart. Urataros however later says that he lies simply for the sake of lying quotOne lie is more interesting than a thousand truthsquot and seems quite irritated that Ryotaro is quottrivializing his lies.quot While Momotaros gets Ryotaro in trouble through reckless methods Urataros puts Ryotaro in conflicting situations when he goes around wooing multiple women. Despite these negative traits along with his occasional fights with Momotaros Urataros does show genuine concern for Ryotaro039s well being the best speaker of the Taros possessing Ryotaro simply to get information out of someone or to talk his way out of something. He is also useful in situations that require patience something Momotaros severely lacks. He usually refers to Momotaros as quotSenpaiquot and Kintaros as either quotBearquot Kuma or quotKinchanquot Kinchan respectively. Urataros039 physical form based on that of a turtle and fishing rods are a common motif both of which are aspects of the myth of Urashima Tarou a fisherman who caught a turtle that led him to the castle of Ryuujin.