Ren Tsuruga

敦賀蓮, Kuon Hizuri
Blood Type: A Height: 190cm Birthday: February 10th Horoscope: Aquarius Age: 20 21 Ren is in outward appearances an extremely nice and polite star. However he shows his true self whenever he deals with Kyoko. Although at times teasing he harbors an unrequited love for Kyoko. As the story progresses flashbacks reveal a past with Kyoko when she was smaller however Kyoko is still unaware of this. She cannot reconcile the sweet fairyprince Corn with Rens current personality. Interestingly at the age of twenty Ren has lived a large portion of his life in America. In fact he began his acting career in the US albeit disastrously. Although he gained experience he was fired so often that he has lost count in contrast to the staunch and disciplined actor he is today. Fortunately his past in America is unknown to the public as Tsuruga Ren is only a stage name. Although there are hints of a dark past his earlier years are shrouded in mystery. However recent chapters imply that his name was originally Kuon.