Juugo Kannagi

神凪 重悟
Ayano039s father and Genma039s cousin. He is the current head of the Kannagi family. Jgo worries about his headstrong daughter. Contrary to the Kannagi doctrine that is based solely on strength Jgo has been trying to stop discrimination against the Fga Clan. He also regrets not being able to stop Kazuma039s expulsion from the family. Believing that Kazuma is essential to the Kannagis he constantly creates situations in which Ayano can form a relationship with Kazuma. As the head of the Kannagi family Jgo is responsible for directing the other members of the head family and branch families as well as the Fga Clan. Jgo is never seen in the series leaving the Kannagi compound and rarely even leaves his meeting room. He is actually considered to be the strongest Enjutsushi of the Kannagi and wields the purple flame. Unfortunately because of what happened to his leg during a car accident Genma Kazuma and Ren039s father is considered to be the strongest. source : wikipedia