ザンザス, Boss

➣Title: Varia Leader, Vongola Decimo Candidate ➣Personal information: ■ Gender: Male ■ Status: Alive ■ Age: 24 (currently) - 34 (Future self) ■ Date of Birth: October 10 ■ Sign: Libra ■ Height: 188 cm (6'2'') ■ Weight: 80 kg ■ Blood type: A ➣Family, and Partners: ■ Family: Vongola Famiglia ■ Partner: Varia's Members ■ Team:

• Varia (Vongola Famiglia's elite independent assassination squad) • Team Mammon • Allied Team

■ Known relatives: • Timoteo/ Vongola IX (Adoptive father, alive) • Unnamed Woman (Mother, deceased) • Enrico (Adoptive Brother) • Massimo (Adoptive Brother) • Frederico (Adoptive Brother) ➣Weapons and Abilities ■ Flame: Sky, Flame of Wrath(憤怒の炎, Fundo no Honō) ■ Rings: Varia Sky Ring;

Talbot's update to Varia Sky Ring

■ Weapon: X-Guns; Pistola Imperatore Animale [lit. Animal Emperor Guns (via Cambio Forma)] ■ Box Animal: Bester (Leone di Cieli, know as Ligre Tempesta di Cieli; Armatura Platino Ligre Tempesta di Cieli) ➣Techniques: ■ Scoppio d'Ira (lit. Burst of Wrath):

An Attack that requires the use of the Dying Will X Guns. Xanxus unleashes a barrage of Flame simultaneously that, because of their density and grouping, appear to fuse together into one large super-powerful blast

■ Bocciolo di Fiamma (lit. Bud of Flame):

Another Attack that requires the use of the X Guns. Xanxus uses one gun to fly around the target and the other to shoot his target from different angles to form a flower bud at the target's feet

■ Colpo d'Addio (lit. Blow of Farewell):

A stronger version of Scoppio de Ira where Xanxus charges up energy in his guns and fires two super-powerful shots with the same or more power than Scoppio de Ira

■ Martello di Fiamma (lit. Hammer of Flame):

The strongest version of Scoppio d'Ira and Xanxus' strongest move

➣Other information: ■ Likes: Tequila, make unique firearms, torture Squalo ■ Representative Sin: Wrath ■ Representative Demon: Satan ■ CV: Ikeda, Masanori ■ Fandom number: XX ■ Quote: Regardless of our internal strife, in times of Crisis, when we are attacked by scumbags from the outside… We, the Vongola, are always as one! ➣Anime/Manga stats: ■ Anime Debut: Episode 40 ■ Manga Debut: Chapter 85 ➣Character overview: Xanxus is the current leader of Vongola's assassination squad, the Varia, and is Vongola IX's adopted son. He has same dying will flames as Vongola's 2nd boss had, the flames of wrath, and the same type of weapons as Vongola's 7nd boss, the dying will gun. He was able to use the flames of wrath even since he was a little child, just adding to his natural talent. Seeing this, his mother, who was mentally ill, thought that Xanxus was son of Timoteo, Vongola's current boss. After a confrontation between Xanxus's mother and Timoteo, Xanxus was adopted into Vongola family, and held precious by Timoteo, like he was his real son. Because of his almost royal status, Xanxus grew up to be egoistical, vain and cocky. These traits remained throughout all the series. Xanxus's face is seen covered with scars. He also has spiky hair and wears the Varia uniform jacket on his shoulders. It is also adorned with feathers and raccoon tail at the nape of his neck, coming over his left shoulder to rest in the front. ➣Character story outline (contains spoilers):

XANXUS, in the Varia Arc, pretend take control of Vongola and kill Tsuna. After having failed, Varia wouldn't attempt another blow to the family. In the Future Arc, XANXUS and the Varia was attacked by Millefiore's forces, and they go to Japan to help in battle Vongola Family against the Millefiore True Six Funeral Wreaths. In the The Curse of the Rainbow Arc (present), XANXUS and Varia arrive to Japan for them participation in the battle for the Arcobaleno's. XANXUS fight against Hibari and they have a draw. Finally, Tsuna need the help of XANXUS, and Varia conforms part of the Allied Team agains Team Bermuda.