Jenos Hazard

Chrono Number VII
Jenos Hazard in the manga Jenos is 25 as said in the anime.Jenos is the Chronos Numbers member Number VII. Among the Chronos Numbers he probably is the best looking and is a bit of a womanizer. However he does not just flirt with girls as he actually falls in deep love with every single one of them Rinslet Walker being one of his favorite candidates through the story. Jenoss weapon is a glove named Excelion which has indestructible Orichalcum wires attached to it and can be used to cut very deeply or grasp something very tightly. Along with Naizer and Beluga he is a member of Cerberus being the middlerange attacker. He stops Beluga from executing Nizers suicide plan to finish Creed off resulting in a risky escape from the castle where Beluga dies to hold a huge ceiling tile while Jenos escapes carrying Nizer unconscious. He also plays the role of trying to stop Baldorias and Kranz from fighting Train and Sven even though hes not very warmly received and brings Kyoko to Sephiria for their meeting where Sephiria wishes to test Kyoko. In the final attack on Clarken Island he tags up with Lin who he shows great ease in getting along with. Jenos Hazard in the anime Even though on the Manga he shows a friendly alignment to Train and Svens sweeper team in the anime he shows a neutral attitude at the start mainly because Eve was his target once saved by Train. However he develops a supporting attitude towards Trains group as of the Eden incursion. He also has a different role as he partakes in many missions he did not in the manga. For example he watches the World Conference in a helicopter and is also given the mission of taking out Eve or take her to the Chronos headquarters at the start. In the Anime he also is always accompanied by a Chronos eraser that aids him. His relation with Lin is not of old acquaintances as it is more strict and formal. Also it would seem his feelings towards Rinslet are of love even though its not known if hes just a flirt.He always finds opportunity to express his feelings to Rinslet at tight situations even though they are just words. However they are closer than they are in the Manga. In the last episode Rinslet is talking on the phone with him. Incidentally its worth noting that Jenos number is Lucky 7 the opposite to Trains Unlucky 13. As such his VII mark is also on his chest but on the opposite side from Trains. But overall Jenos was never said to be lucky even if he was the lucky VII. Source: Wikipedia