Agnes Chevalier de Milan

Age: 23 Full Name: Agns Chevalier de Milan Captain of Tristain musketeers in service of Henrietta. Shes shown as a military woman whos very strict in discipline. She also is shown to hate Mages especially those who used fire element. Even though her feelings on mages is known she doesnt do anything to defend Saito due to misunderstandings by Louise that happen in front of her. Agnes often emphasized that mages should not become dependent of their magic because in battles there will be no time to cast spells before the enemys swords and guns. At one point she kisses Louise to provide cover when Louise gasps while the two of them are eavesdropping on a pair of conspirators. The kiss she gave Louise and the commentary Siesta made about her implies Agns is a lesbian although she is most portrayed as being uninterested in sexual pursuits and only worried about fighting and revenge. She first appears in the second season. In the third season upon finding Colbert was alive she gives up her want for vengeance deciding to end the hatred so his students wouldnt hate her for killing him. In the light novels after Saito confronted the advancing Albion armyVolume 7:Chapter 9 and then saved by TiffaniaVOlume 8 she was asked by Henrietta to find Saito and then found him in Tiffanias village though Saito having lost his Gandalfr powers and said he is now useless and just a normal person and asked her to tell the Queen that hes already dead. She then trains Saito and even comments to Derflinger that Saito had made her serious when they had a spar. Wikipedia