Kirari Tsukishima

月島 きらり, Kirarin
Age: 14 Birthday: July 7 Sign: Cancer Height: 157 cm Weight: 42 kg Blood type: O Favorite Foods: Crepe and Octopus Balls Kirari is a gluttonous 14year old girl who strives to be an idol. In the beginning she only wanted to be an idol so she can get closer to Seigi but now she really likes show business. Like a lot of shoujo heroines she is clumsy dense and lacks common sense. She is also inexperienced at sewing cooking and some other household chores. Despite her shortcomings and lack of talents she manages to persevere because of the help she receives from SHIPS and her cat Naasan and because of her unwavering spirit and resilience. Over the course of the show she not only becomes an idol but also performs a series of odd jobs to promote her company or in some cases to accidents such as being a part of a variety show a manager for other talents her first job an actress a policewoman and even the pink ranger. She is also a member of the idol unit KiraPika which consists of her and another girl which is talented but has stage fright. Halfway through the series she eventually decides that she loves Hiroto and sees Seiji as a good friend but finds herself struggling to tell Hiroto her feelings because he thinks she still likes Seiji. She does eventually confess to Hiroto but the manga is more active about their relationship so much so that they kiss twice while they dont in the anime. Name Origin: Tsukishima means Moon Island and Kira is an onomatopoeia for Shining.