Victor was once the leader of the Alchemy Warriors 100 years ago. Originally Victor used a regular kakugane until he sacrificed himself to kill the leader of the homunculus of that era. In order to save him his wife Alexandria transferred Black kakugane I into his heart. However the power went berzerk and Victor killed everyone in the lab as well as critically injuring Alexandria. Victor was then forced to flee his home pursued by Alchemy Warriors and the Homunculus group lead by his own daughter Victoria who was also turned into a Homunculus against her own will. Victor managed to destroy a large portion of both forces before he fled to Japan where he met Chno Bakushaku before he became Dr. Butterfly. The two men then struck a bargain if Victor gave Dr. Butterfly his knowledge of Alchemy Dr. Butterfly would heal Victor in return. After 100 years the plan succeeded Victor was healed and reappeared in LXEs Ginsei Highschool attack. He managed to kill Kazuki once more by crushing the Sunlight Heart with his Buso Renkin Fatal Attraction this damaged Kazukis kakugane and by doing so Victor caused black kakugane III to awaken he and Kazuki soon went into a battle but both warriors soon ran out of energy and Victor was forced to retreat. Afterwards he traveled around the world abosrbing large amounts of energy from locations such as New York Paris and even the Arctics. Eventually he was forced into the Pacific ocean where he evolved from stage 2 to stage 3 and battled Sakaguchi Showuseis Buso Renkin the Buster Baron however he used the corpses of ocean creatures whose energy he had absorbed and singlehandedly destroyed Buster Baron with his own Buso Renkin the waraxe Fatal Attraction. He confronted Kazuki then with Kazuki forcing White kakugane II into his body. However White kakugane II was only able to revert him back from stage 3 to stage 2. As a last resort Kazuki used the Sunlight Heart + and sent both of them to the Moon. Source: Wikipedia