Manga: Nozomi ? is an 18year old softspoken and shy friend of Yuka who would have been introduced around episode 67 but only appears in the manga for unknown reasons although some theories are that they couldnt find a fitting voice for her or that they didnt know what to do with her since the manga was still ongoing. She has a psychological bladder problem because of her father frequently physically abusing her when she was a child for wanting to become a singer and therefore wears diapers. Kouta first encounters her while walking to the store not realising they both know Yuka and both are embarrassed when the wind blows her skirt up. They later meet at the inn and Nozomi is revealed to have a great talent for singing wanting stay at the inn in order to apply for a music school without her abusive father learning about it. Nozomi is the person who sings the song quotElfenliedquot while teaching Ny how to sing. Source: Manga amp Wikipedia