Elis Housen

鳳仙 エリス
Elis is a freshman at Nadesico Academy. Her parents died in a tragic car accident and she was left in the foster care of her cousin Kamikura Hiroki. Because of the accident she was left traumatized and unable to tolerate the colour redsince it reminds her of bloodto the extent in which eating red colored food or using the colour red in her artwork can become very painful. Like Hiroki she is a very talented artist but her fear of the color red prevents her from realizing her full potential. Elis develops strong affections for Hiroki and confesses her feelings to him but only to be turned down because Hiroki thinks of her as a little sister rather than a woman that he could love. She has a tough time dealing with her feelings as well as the distance that seems to be created between her and Hiroki when he begins to spend more time with Kiri. She eventually intends to go to France on a scholarship and live with a relative there.