The Great Seraphim Metatron is a young child who adores Sevothtarte/Lailah and calls 039him039 Sevy. To him she is his mother figure and he has vague memories of her when she sung him to sleep as Lailah. His twin brother is Sandalphon who has never existed as anything other than a mass of flesh and eyeballs in what is called the 039Cradle.039 He is the result of an experiment to replicate the powers of the Seraphita. He has no wings and seemingly no powers but his twin brother039s soul resides inside of him. Despite his apparent lack of powers Metatron is actually the only one capable of keeping Sandalphon in check for he is the cap and seal of Sandalphon and his powers. To prevent Sandalphon039s awakening Lailah had Metatron consume pills. But when Metatron is removed from her care the sister in charge does not see to this and Sandalphon takes over Metatron039s body. After Sandalphon is driven out Metatron is mortally wounded by Lucifer in order to kill Sandalphon039s true form but he is miraculously revived and saved after having a visit from Sevy039s spirit that proves that Sevy loves him. He says that her warm touch was more real than the throne of heaven.