Nightmare Eater
The Angel of the Apocalypse he is Metatrons younger twin brothter and usually manipulates Metatrons toy rabbit but his soul resides in Metatron. When Metatron is removed from Sevothtartes care Sandalphon takes advantage of the opportunity and possesses him revealing his intentions for Lailah to be his mother so that he can have a true separate body and sees to raping her after he drives her insane. He loves Lailah because she sang to him in his cradle and hates her because after he gave her a new life as Sevothtarte she sealed him away. After she died he possesses Sara and plans for her to be his mother. He had millions of various eyes and mouths and has six wings coming from his head. Sandalphons ability is that he invades dreams and uses them against his victims. By eating their nightmares and showing them their fondest dreams he steals their souls and drives them insane. He claims that he and his brother never matured because God created him so that he could destroy the universe with the quotraw cruelty of a child.quot