Zaphikel is a highranked angel Chief of the Thrones and leader of a rebellion group called Anima Mundi which plans to overthrow Sevothtarte. He fell in love with Anael and promised to quit his job which was killing quotWhite Rabbitsquot the children of angels Angels do not have a complete set of DNA so their children are born pale and have red eyes after he learns that Anael is going to have his child. When Sevothtarte found out about their relations he had Zaphikel kill Anael. Later he was sentenced to kill himself an ordeal which was to leave a deep scar around his neck. He is blinded by Adam Kadmon when the Seraphita appeared to save him. His assistant is Raziel. Initially Zaphikel had no idea that Raziel was his son. He is sentenced to have his wings cut off when he is revealed as the leader of the Anima Mundi. Upon Raziels breaking into his cell to rescue him he has already degenerated to a ghoul. Just before his death Adam Kadamon restores his sight and he sees his dead love in his childs face. He then passes his post of leadership to Raziel who then raised his gun to kill a beserking Zaphikel.