The Archangel of Earth Angel of Justice and Angel of Death a former member of the Seven Great Angels and an Angel of the rank of Thrones. His wings are of a dark brown nearly black like the earth. He used to love Alexiel and was the one who sentenced her to her gruesome punishment. This made him go slightly mad with grief and he ripped out his vocal cords he had the power to vocalize a curse making it come true to atone for the sins he committed against his love. He finds that this is not enough and leaves heaven to live in Hades where he fashions a dragons body for NidHegg and fashions a body for Kiries soul when she arrives in Hades. He called her quotDollquot. He also created a livingmechanical body for Kato and acts like a father to him later in the story. Because Uriel is feels bad about damning souls to hell he fashions a mask for himself and when he wears it all his feelings of kindness and conscience are suppressed so that he can be cruel and ruthless as the Angel of Death. When Setsuna comes to him searching for Saras soul Uriel says he has been waiting for Alexiels soul and begs Setsuna to behead him with his own scythe and cast him into hell to atone for his judgement on Alexiel. However Setsuna refuses and says that instead if he still wants to atone Uriels punishment will be to go on living with the knowledge of what he did. Later having sorted out his thoughts he attaches a mechanical device to his neck amplifying the vibrations of his throat to form an audible voice.