The Archangel of Fire who also holds the title of being the Chief of the Powers. He is the Shining General of Heaven039s Armies. He has a fiery temper and his most distinguishing feature is a tattoo of a dragon going all the way up from his chest to the middle of his face. He hates it when you talk about two things: 1. His height he039s dreadfully short and 2. His taller twin brother... Lucifer. His best friend is Raphael and he rarely ever understands what really is going on except in battles. He is the second of the creator039s attempts to split the powers of the Seraphita and has two wings while Lucifer has four. Michael039s small stature is due to the fact that his astral powers developed very quicklyan angel only ages until their astral power is mature then they stopthus Michael is stuck in a young body. He resents Lucifer because from birth on everyone presumed that Lucifer would be the twin to rise to fame and glory. Michael was forced to stand in his shadow. Though he tells himself he hates Lucifer for this what really tortures him is that deep inside even he loves and respects Lucifer and only wants his brother to acknowledge him. When Michael and Lucifer was born a prophecy foretold that one of twins would be the harbringer of destruction but the other would be the child of Light. Everyone though Michael to be the former and Lucifer to be the Lightbringer especially after Lucifer039s ascension to the post of the Morning Star one of the highest levels of the Angel hierarchy. Ironically in the end it is revealed that Lucifer is the prince of darkness and Michael the Angel of Light. This turns out to be a doubleedged sword however. After Lucifer039s rebellion Michael039s soul burns so brightly with rage that anyone who tries to approach him is incinerated. Only Raphael would approach him and was able to save him from himself.