A candidate for quotArchangels Think Tankquot who is working under Zaphikel. He is an IChild the product of a forbidden union between angels and was the subject of brutal experiments before being rescued by Zaphikel. Unlike most IChildren who are nicknamed quotrabbitsquot for their red eyes Raziels eyes only turn red when he uses his special astral powers. Raziel is an empath able to sense and manipulate the emotions of others. He is given a job to survey the slums in heaven and there he meets Sheatiel and falls in love with her. He begs Sevothtarte to help her and all the Ion Children in the slums and Sevy agrees. But all the food and toys he gave Raziel to give to Sheatiel and the Ions were really bombs. He has no idea that he is Zaphikels son allegedly. Its never flat out stated that hes his son. When Zaphikel dies he takes over the Anima Mundi. As leader he tries to form an alliance with the forces of Hell against Rosiel but this offer was rejected outright by Belial.