Misa Kamiyama

Misa is the oldest child of Osamu and Venus older sister to Samatarou and Meme. Misa is a candidate for goddess status who already controls most of her powers one of her specialties is influencing people039s emotions so they039ll do whatever Misa wants. When outside her family home Misa projects the image of a sweet demure girl and has gained quite a following. This is despite the fact that she apparently considers men 039scum039 as she feels they all think exactly the same way. At home she tends to lounge around in her underwear and enjoys teasing her little brother and Tenko. She frequently goes along with Venus039 and Osamu039s antics apparently just to get a laugh at Samatarou039s expense but is unaffected by her parents039 antics herself apparently possessing ample willpower. Misa is quite perceptive and not without compassion when the need arises she will assist