She is a daughter of Toba Island039s headman but due to the headman039s sickness Rin has to take over his leadership. Rin has been searching for a mermaid to cure her father. By that time she meets Yuta when he came back to life from a terrible battle he is in. Rin and Yuta fell in love each other and Yuta promised to stay in Toba Island if he has turned back into a mortal. Isago the Sakagami headman039s wife wounded the Toba headman and makes Rin and Yuta to go back into a mermaid hunt. They found on but Rin has been captured before Yuta manages to save her. In the end Rin and Yuta learned that Isago is a mermaid and they cannot be together due to Yuta039s failure of asking a mermaid to grant him his mortality. Rin continues her father039s leadership.