Big Eyes

He is once a mortal but becoming an immortal overtook him. While he was walking down to the beach he found a mermaid corpse lying on shore. He heard about the legend so he ate the mermaid flesh. But unfortunately the flesh turned him into a monster. He is almost like a Lost Soul only that he can speak and has human feelings and his eyes are big and swollen. When he woke up from a concussion during the transformation he saw that his village has been destroyed and so is his family along with everybody who lived in the village has been murdered. He is now called quotBig Eyesquot. He is without company for a long time until Mana came along. He found her and Yuta dead in the cliffs. He took her to his cave and feeds her. He wants Mana to stay with him for company and to be prevented from being hunted. The most hunter is a man who lost his eye to quotBig Eyesquot 40 years ago. When Yuta and the hunter found quotBig Eyesquot and Mana they attacked him. All the attack turned quotBig Eyesquot into a fierce monster. Mana tries to protect him but Yuta and the hunter had no choice but to kill him. As he lay dying he called out Manas name from his last breath. Yuta tells her that quotBig Eyesquot died as a human.