Kyle Mursili

カイル・ムルシリ, Mursili the Second, ムルシリ2世
The third prince of the Hittite empire son of King Suppililiuma and the second Tawananna Queen Hinti. At the beginning of the series he finds Yuri running frantically from guards and gives her the gift of understanding and speaking their language by way of a kiss. He finds Yuri to be quite unlike any woman he has ever met and promises to help her find a way home to Japan while struggling with his own growing love and desire for her. He initially calls Yuri his concubine and the incarnate form of Ishtar in order to protect her from Queen Nakia but even he begins to believe his own tale after a while and the legend of Yuri as Ishtar grows beyond his control. He is loyal to those he cares for but constantly at odds with his stepmother the third Tawananna Queen Nakia. A powerful sorcerer in his own right he has the ability to control wind and air and is one of the few who can counter Nakias spells in any way. Source: Wikipedia