Alice Sakaguchi

Alice is a shy quiet highschooler who recently moved to Tokyo from a town in Hokkaid which she misses for its peace and lack of pollution. When we first meet Alice she is being teased and mocked by the boy next door Rin Kobayashi. She retains Mokuren039s ability to talk to plants and make plants grow by singing to them. Despite Rin039s encouragement Alice is having a hard time remembering her life as a scientist. This is because she is afraid of losing current herself in Mokuren039s memories and also because she feels that she as Alice could never live up to the others039 expectations of Mokuren. This refusal on Alice039s part to continue her moon dreaming comes to a head when she decides to stop joining the other reincarnates for their after school meetings and instead joins the school choir. At this point even the other reincarnates begin doubting that she is the reincarnation of Mokuren especially given that she has only had one moon dream. Source: Wikipedia