Dryden Fassa

Dryden is Escaflownes resident scruffy bookish intellectual irreverent to extremes and a master of sarcasm and verbal wit. Though egotistical cynical and downright cocky he is deeply selfless and romantic. He is social and likes to talk with anybody on just about anything intellectual. He is quite possibly the most laid back character in the entire cast and one of the precious few with a good sense of humor. He has a knack for irritating just about anybody with reserves or reverence for anything arbitrary whether it be propriety society or the proper role of a father. Needless to say he manages to nettle almost every single member of the cast at least once some multiple times. His idea of flirting is flatout advertising his assets i.e. more or less My intellect is secondtonone Im freaking rich and Im goodlooking. if that gives a good idea of how brash he can be but in his very few serious moments his courting methods turn to solemn vows. He takes a passionate interest in esoteric and arcane topics of study such as Atlantis and Guymelefs the latter of which he collects not for their military force but for their integrity of construction. Not only is he a firstclass nerd but he is a firstclass nerd with heaps of style. He is a nobleborn rich boy but he dresses as though he just stumbled out of bed ties his hair back messily and wears the coolest glasses I have ever seen period. He is somebody who can make you laugh and who can still laugh at himself and life no matter how desolate things may seem or how many people he will piss off. Dryden is the son of a jerk of an Astorian noble Meiden Fassa and runs his own lucrative merchant airship convoy. His father arranged for him to marry the princess of Astoria Millerna Aston a headstrong and intelligent woman with whom he fell in love and spent a great deal of the show trying to win unsuccessfully. After their rather eventful wedding day and after realizing that she was still in love with Allen Schezar he allowed Millerna to leave no strings attached with the promise that he would become a man worthy of her love. The question of whether or not Dryden ends up winning Millerna is unanswered by the end of the show. Dryden becomes king of Astoria after their marriage which is fortunate considering that at the end of the war a far more competent king than Aston is in the throne. He is willing to negotiate with and listen to Folken after he leaves Zaibach and he displays pacifist tendencies the core of his strategic response to the Zaibach threat is economic sanctions. In the first scene in which he appears he is allowing his pet mermaid Sylvie to go free after a goodbye kiss despite his managers protests regarding her monetary cost to which Dryden replies Dont be so frugal. He sold his entire merchant convoy to the Ispano to pay for Escaflownes repair job and in effect Vans life much to the distress of the manager who keeps flitting around and freaking out every time Dryden does something so liberal. Dryden was the narrator of Leon Schezars diary as the party searched for Atlantis and in the process managed to get on Allens bad side. No surprise. Dryden is the manifestation of Allens petty annoyances: disorder casualty and irreverence. Source: illusionarystage.net