Itsuki Iba

伊庭 いつき
He is the second generation president of a rentamagician company called Astral. Due to his dad the first generation president of Astral going missing he inherits the title of president. His characteristic includes a babyface and the big eyepatch at his right eye. He is a first rate coward who lets everyone walk all over him. He doesnt defend himself from getting hit by Honami or Adilisia for doing nothing. He has a demonic right eye the Glam Sight fairy eye which when he uses it he can see the weakness of magic used against him and occasionally memories of the castor. When he uses the Glam Sight he becomes another person who is more confident and much of a leader but when the Glam Sight is closed back with the eyepatch he reverts to his original weak personality. Itsukis Glam Sight is different from the usual demonic eye as a mysterious voice can be heard from Itsukis. Itsuki and Honami were chased by a mysterious red eyed spirit while playing in a Haunted house when they were young Itsuki baited the dragon away to save Honami. It was this incident that caused Itsukis normal demonic eye a red colored right eye to become the eye he has now. And after that incident Itsuki has lost memories about his childhood but after the Dragon incident not covered in anime yet he was able to remember Honami calling him iichan and fragments of his childhood memories. Since the Dragon incident he has been learning martial arts from Sekiren but he still have no talents in magic. Currently in high school 2nd year. Source: Wikipedia