Honami Takase Ambler

Employee of Astral and its Celtic magic expert also unofficially the presidents secretary and educator in magic studies. She is Itsukis childhood friend and works for Itsuki but acts like the boss because of financial problems. She rides a broom like a witch but it needs fuel to go. She also dress like a witch during jobs and she uses mistletoe and herbs in her magic. The prodigy that revived the dieing Celtic magic in 2 years she competed for top seat of the School in England with Adilisia. She speaks in Kansai dialect. She has a crush on Itsuki but is the first one to put him down and hit him when any other girl pays even the slightest attention to him. She knows him from from when they were kids but he doesnt remember. She seats to the left of Ituski in school. She is not good with things like the computer and mobile phones and has a messy room. She does fortune telling and writes a magazine column as side jobs. Detail are unknown but she calls the sentient wand Living Wand that she put in a suitcase ojichan. Currently in high school 2nd year. Source: Wikipedia