Ren Nekoyashiki

猫屋敷 蓮
Executive director and Onmyoudou expert of Astral. Just like his name suggests he is an onmyouji that like cats. He uses four cat shikigami named Seiryu Byakko Suzaku and Genbu. The only member from the time of the first generation president others have left or making a tour. Writes for a magazine as his side job. When he is young he was a part of numerous sects. At one time by accident he met Mikan who due to the expectations of being the successor left her home and clan the Katsuragi family. He then brought her to Astral. He was foundling and named his own name Nekoyashiki means cat mansion. His business was to curse the target that the client specified before he was scouted by Sekiren.