A Fuchikoma is a 1man tank walker/roller used by members of Section 9 of the National Public Safety Commission. They also appear in slightly altered form as Tachikoma in the anime series. They possess a simple artificial intelligence and can act independently to support their user in combat. When not in use they exhibit a childlike personality and provide much of the humor in the series while also being used to elaborate on Shirow039s philosophy and ideas. Their AI does not include typical safeguards as they are military hardware but because they possess emotions they are closely monitored for signs of instability. The Fuchikomas within Section 9 are synchronized nightly or after missions to share their experiences and allow the entire group to learn from them. Mechanically they have four legs and two simple hands with three fingers on extensible arms which double as machine guns. The quotfacequot consists of a large main lens and two smaller sensors with a quotmouthquot below which is commonly a grenade launcher but sometimes a heavier machine gun. The pilot sits in a hunched position inside a large posterior pod with interface cables leading to the standard ports in the user039s neck for direct control but the Fuchikoma can also be given orders to act without a pilot. They can handle many different types of terrain and are able to walk up walls rappel walk or extend wheels from their feet to drive. They are also submersible. Fuchikomas were removed from Mamoru Oshii039s Ghost in the Shell movie though a large relative of the Fuchikoma known as a quotthink tankquot appears near the end of the movie. In the TV series Ghost in the Shell: Stand Alone Complex they are replaced by Tachikomas which act similarly but look different standing taller and instead of a single large quoteyequot lens they have 4 independent rotating sensor pods with 3 sensors each. The AI of Tachikomas is considerably more advanced. At the end of the TV series Ghost in the Shell: S.A.C. 2nd GIG the Tachikomas sacrifice their AI039s in order to prevent a nuclear detonation. They are replaced by Fuchikoma/Tachikoma hybrids referred to as Uchikomas. source: Ghost in the Shell wikia