Masaharu Tsuwabuki

石蕗 正晴, Yuki-chan, Haru
Nanatsuiro Drops039s Protagonist. A quiet boy who rarely talks to anyone including his friends. In the beginning of the series he bumps into Sumomo Akihime causing her to splash him with water. After the accident he is inducted into the Gardening Club by Natsume Kisaragi. Later he receives a mysterious beverage when he bumps into a humanlooking Figurare creature carrying a bag full of potions causing them to switch cans which transforms Masaharu into a stuffed lamb doll. Kisaragi finds him and applies a second potion allowing him to move and talk. In order to change back he must work with his partner quothis chosen girlquot who happens to be Sumomo. In order to change back he must collect seven stardrops without telling her his true identity. It is revealed later on that the transformation potion is tied to phases of the moon. During the day he reverts to his human form but just after sunset he changes to his stuffed animal form. It is also revealed that on the night of a full moon he will remain in his stuffed animal form for twentyfour hours but on the night of a new moon he will remain human for twentyfour hours granting him some semblance of a normal life.