東山和実, Higashiyama Kazumi
Sent by Odin to assassinate Loki the watchman Heimdall takes the form of a young boyKazumi Higashiyama as a disguise. However due to the theft of his right eye he is forced to have necklength purple hair that completely covers the right side of his face. His nails are actually long sharp claws so he wears bulky gloves to hide them. He believes Loki to be the thief that stole his eye so in addition to carrying out the assassination order he intends to retrieve his eye or avenge its loss by any means necessary. Although he is one of the more serious characters in the series Heimdall is also the butt of many jokes. The manga frequently makes fun of his serious personality and his obsession with Loki and even though quotKazumi Higashiyamaquot doesnt attend school Heimdall still has a daily schedule consisting of piano lessons singing lessons and cram school. In the anime Heimdall usually gets dragged along on shopping sprees by his roommate Freyr much to his own dismay.