Jude Mathis

Race: Human Hometown: Lu Rondo Age: 15 ToX 16 ToX2 Heigth: 163 cm 1644 cm Weapon: Bracers Jude attends a medical school in the royal city and is someone who excels and gets things done. Of his own volition he left his hometown and is now training in a hospital at the metropolis Il Fan. Jude is usually calm and composed but can get into trouble due to his meddling personality. He is a great friend to all his companions being both insightful and forgiving. One day a number of people are sent to the hospital due to a backfiring of a Spirit Arts. Upon doing an investigation on what may have caused the failure at a military laboratory he meets Milla. Jude is also a very dedicated person despite his young age he follows Milla in the hopes that he may be of some use to her. He feels great adoration for Milla who seems to have some sort of special mission.