Kohei Kakihara

A research professor who was Nij Mens039s supervisor in Nij Mens039s days as a scientist. Though he warns Chiko against trusting Nij Mens he is actually obsessed with obtaining Nij Mens039s legacy as a researcher and reaching the quotfourth state of waterquot. He does not care for the consequences and believes that the dangerous power of the fourth state of water will change the world no matter how destructive it is. He also used Seiji Tamiya039s research to create enhanced cybernetic bodies for himself and others eventually changing his body in the image of Nij Mens. Kakihara was the original Nij Mens but Nij Mens039s thefts began occurring at the same time and the name became attached to the young scientist while Kakihara was forgotten. He is without morals and seeks only to complete the research Nij Mens conducted before the war believing the research was selfishly kept from him and had killed many people over the years to obtain it. Source: Wikipedia